gEarly Autumnh

gEarly Autumnh focuses on the eternal theme eWhat is the family?f and `What is love?f with presenting a manfs confusion of the separation from a child at daughterfs marriage.
This program is made for the 60th anniversary of the start of CBC and has won Golden Nymph in the 52nd Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2012.

gMonte-Carlo Television Festivalh is known as a world-wide and historical contest started from 1961 for the information and entertainment programs. The director in Early Autumn, Masato Harada, has been awarded as Best Director in Television/Film division.

gEarly Autumnh

The ceremony was held on 14th June 2012 in Monte-Carlo, Principality of Monaco and Mr. Harada received a trophy decorated with a nymph.

Nominees were 12 programs and only 1 program can be awarded as Golden Nymph.

This is the 3rd award for CBC in Television/Film division in the festival since gYU-KONh had been awarded Silver Nymph in 1999 in this 20 years time and this is the very first time to be awarded Golden Nymph as the top honor in Television/Film division in the festival although gLaugh It Away, Say Goodbyeh had been awarded Golden Nymph in News/Documentary division as Best Picture, which is, the very first award for a commercial broadcaster in Japan.

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 Monte-Carlo Television Festival

The television festival that one of the four greatest television festivals in the world and its host is Principality of Monaco for the information and entertainment programs

 CBC Awards History in Monte-Carlo Television Festival

1999 YU-KON Silver Nymph
2011 Laugh It Away and Say Goodbye Golden Nymph

 Program Information

gEarly Autumnh Special Drama of 60th anniversary of the start of CBC
Broadcasted on 8th Oct. 2011 15:00~16:54
Producer: Kotaro Komori, Katsuko Hara
Starring: Koji Yakusho, Noriko Nakagoshi
Based on the novel "Hyoheki" (Wall of ice) by Yasushi Inoue

 Production Idea

Focus on a man in baby boomer who has given himself up to his work for his life. Nowadays, Japan has problems of childrenfs separation from their parents. Meanwhile, also parents have the same separation struggle from their children. This drama digs in the eternal theme of family and love through a manfs confusion to face the separation.


A widower, Matsubara feels empty since his daughter's marriage and seeks solace in a class reunion in Kyoto. During his trip to Kyoto, a friend Yamabe innocently confers on Yamabe's daughter Reiko, 27, working at an exclusive nightclub that worries her father. With a simple interest, Matsubara is taken to the club and meets a grown-up beautiful lady, Reiko. The story between them starts after this 10 years.