• Kewpie 3 Minutes Cooking

    Kewpie 3 Minutes Cooking

    Restaurants dealing with Sushi and Ramen become very popular even in overseas. In the meantime, what kind of meal is prepared at home in Japan every single day? This program started in 1963 and was recognized to Guinness Book as "Cooking program broadcast longest in the world" in 1996. A popular cooking lecturer introduces the recipe of simple homemade dishes that uses typical Japanese foodstuff in season. The origin of the title comes from the meaning of easy-to-make taking only 3 minutes. Kewpie has sponsered program from the very beginning.

    Subcategory Cooking
    Duration 10min
    Episodes Series
    Production Year 1963-now
    Materials SD/HD
  • Cook TV

    Cook TV

    The program introduces daily dishes from a huge recipe in the most famous dish contribution site "Cookpad" in Japan. Simple, easy and delicious recipes are chosen and cooked.

    <Examples of recipe>
    · Soup Noodles with fried mushrooms butter flavored
    · Decorated rolled sushi
    · Asian spiced won ton soup

    Subcategory Cooking
    Duration 5min
    Episodes Series
    Production Year 2010-now
    Materials HD
    Cast Mio Nemoto