Besides television and radio broadcasts, CBC also manages many other projects such as producing applications for smartphones, managing events, and operating a "Housing Center" tied-up with house makers.


  • Television Programs

    CBC Television offers the latest news, live talk shows on current affairs, live sports broadcasts catching all the action, drama, documentaries, and also variety programs packed full of fun and emotion. CBC is a core JNN channel providing news and sports from the Aichi, Gifu, and Mie regions nationwide. The programs and content are highly regarded not only in Japan but also abroad.

    Television Programs

  • Movies

    CBC is partaking in a variety of movie and animation projects. CBC has captured the people of Japan through productions such as "Hanamizuki" and "Oooku" and many other productions. Before the release of a production the cast visit Nagoya, and promote the production on every channel. As one of the leading media institutions in the Tokai area, CBC television and radio promotions have proved to be highly effective.

  • Apps

    In the "Earth Travelogue Special" that was broadcasted on the CBC 60th anniversary, the official program app was made where the latest information on all programs and games can be accessed up until the premiere broadcast.

  • Events

    CBC has contributed to the enrichment of culture through the Nagoya International Music Festival etc by inviting The Beatles for their performance in Japan, bringing Leonard Bernstein, the Metropolitan Opera to major cultural events of Nagoya. CBC also continues to deliver a wide range of events including rock-concerts, art exhibitions, and major sports events including The Crowns where we called out Jack Nicklaus and other big-name sportspeople.

  • Housing Center

    A large-scale showroom where leading house makers come together to display and sell their products. With the making of the housing exhibit, several model houses can be compared simultaneously giving consumers a wider range of choices. As a result of greater convenience of having every housing maker on site and bringing model houses from all over Japan to one exhibition the housing center consistently attracts a good number of customers. Among these customers we have received support from consumers who like the ease of purchasing products from the CBC housing exhibition.

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  • Radio

    CBC commenced the first commercial radio broadcast in Japan on September 1st, 1951. In addition to live radio broadcasts of the Dragons pro baseball season matches, CBC also holds major live performances that bring upcoming artists together. You can also listen to CBC radio on your pc or smartphone.
    *Radio division has been spun off from April 2013.